07 September 2009


Once again it's that magical time when many of us between the ages of 18 and 25 find ourselves getting really to go back to school.
Can I just say, FINALLY.
However, it's all fun and games until we realize we have to find an apartment, pack, and somehow move ourselves and our worldly possesions across the Atlantic Ocean?
Darn, it's not fun anymore is it? OK, that's a lie, of course we're all still excited, but smartly freaked out. First thing we need to do is find some luggage.
I'm of the opinion that luggage shouldn't be nice. It should be grotesque. I like to think that if my luggage is really hideous, no one will steal it. Bright colors are good, because then it's easier to find in baggage claim.
Problem is, you have to be seen with it.
The biggest problem, for me, is trying to edit down my wardrobe and figuring out what to bring, and what to buy when I get there. I solved a bit of this by deciding I'm just going to wear leggings A LOT. They don't take up room, and if I close my eyes and tap my shoes, I can pretend they're pants. I really want to buy my fall boots and jackets now, but those take up a lot of room, so that's something I have to buy once I settle in. My shoes are a big problem too, I'm scared of them flying (yeah, really), so I might end up shipping those. 
Make up I'm not going to skimp on (obvi). 
Space bags hopefully will go far with fitting things into my (ugly) luggage. I've used those before, and they're awesome. Problem is, the clothes still weigh the same no matter how they're packed. 
Are we all excited for the apartment hunts, the hellish (I'm SURE) flights, figuring out new cities, and the moving? Yes! Am I pretty intimidated? Of course.
Oh...I almost forgot...attending class is another important thing we have to remember. Not being hungover for those 8ams!

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