09 September 2009

Abercrombie fined for gross discrimination

Worst Store Ever, Abercrombie and Fitch, decided to display more hatred for the disabled. Now, I don't really consider AF to be fashion (like, at all), but I am a news junkie.
AF has always been offensive to all 5 senses.
Sight? Well. It's hideous.
Hearing? Terrible music that you could hear over a rocket launching.
Smell/taste? Vile perfume fumes that you can TASTE.
Touch? Garbage craftmanship.

But no, that's no good enough for AF. They have to go above and beoynd just being offensive to senses. They have to be racist, sexist, AND abilist!
So this girl and her sister were barred from tying stuff on (I really hope someone DOES help them find better places to shop) because they wanted to enter the dressing room alone. Now, some stores DO have policies that don't allow more than one person in a dressing room, but this girl has a disability and can't be in the dressing room alone. They made the store aware of this, and the store did nothing to accomadate their needs.

So I guess AF must be doing very well in this recession (haha, no) to be able to turn away money.
If I wore AF I would boycott it. I really hope the recession stomps them out, they don't deserve to be in business.

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