01 September 2009

Do men hate fashion?

Short answer? No.
But the Daily Fail Mail disagrees.
First of all, why would I dress to attract a man? Do men really dress to attract women? If that were the case, we wouldn't see men in hideous jorts season after season. If the DM wants to complain about one sex's sartorial choices they're really off on this one.
"Unappetizing: High end fashion does not aim to create sexual allure."
Hmmm, maybe they're right! Just LOOK at these unappetizing, dowdy dresses! How could anyone think they're sexy!?
Aren't they just awful! How dare women have the audacity to even think of wearing such unsexy dresses!
Look, I get it if the woman who wrote the article would make eyes bleed if she were to wear a mini dress, and I get it if her husband is a total neanderthal who expects her to dress how HE wants; but can she please refrain from writing such garbage? 
It doesn't really matter what women wear, men will still be attracted to women. Again, it depends on the guy as well. 
Not all high fashion looks the same. Not all men expect you to dress to meet their needs. Dress how you want, dress for you. End!

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