12 September 2009

Leggings, Jeggings, and Treggings

I hate to admit it, but leggings? I really really love them. I want them to stay around forever. Sadly, not everyone shares my love. It seems people either love leggings, or the absolutely hate them. I don't understand the vitriol directed at leggings by some people (who probably just can't pull them off). There are entire websites dedicated to people's hatred of glorious leggings.
First of all, lets clear one thing up about leggings. Leggings are OPAQUE. If they are see though, then they are footless stockings, which can't be worn as pants, and are just hideous. Leggings should also hit at the ankle. Outside of being skin tight (yay!) they should be like normal trousers.
Can Leggings be worn as trousers? I think so. So long as the fabric is thick enough and you're wearing them with a cool top, it looks good.
Jeggings (denim print leggings) are meant to be worn just as you wear your jeans. I like the idea of this, you get the look of a skinny jean and the comfort of a legging.
Some jeggings I don't really like because they look cheap or don't look enough like jeans. The above pair by Juicy Couture are really cute, but I like the jeggings with the fake zippers/buttons better. Such as these:

I'm really loving the detail that being put on leggings now. I feel like some of the cooler looking leggings can be the focus of my outfit. Which makes getting dressed a lot easier. 
I love the detail on these, and they would look awesome with a black or white top,

These have to be some of the best ones I've seen. I would feel like I'm wearing water! I think they would look cool with a longer blazer (with shoulder pads, natch) and sky high heels,
Now of course, accessories and the other parts of the outfit should be kept to a minimum. Too much of a good thing is just to much, and there is a fine line between tacky and trendy. 

09 September 2009

Abercrombie fined for gross discrimination

Worst Store Ever, Abercrombie and Fitch, decided to display more hatred for the disabled. Now, I don't really consider AF to be fashion (like, at all), but I am a news junkie.
AF has always been offensive to all 5 senses.
Sight? Well. It's hideous.
Hearing? Terrible music that you could hear over a rocket launching.
Smell/taste? Vile perfume fumes that you can TASTE.
Touch? Garbage craftmanship.

But no, that's no good enough for AF. They have to go above and beoynd just being offensive to senses. They have to be racist, sexist, AND abilist!
So this girl and her sister were barred from tying stuff on (I really hope someone DOES help them find better places to shop) because they wanted to enter the dressing room alone. Now, some stores DO have policies that don't allow more than one person in a dressing room, but this girl has a disability and can't be in the dressing room alone. They made the store aware of this, and the store did nothing to accomadate their needs.

So I guess AF must be doing very well in this recession (haha, no) to be able to turn away money.
If I wore AF I would boycott it. I really hope the recession stomps them out, they don't deserve to be in business.

07 September 2009


Once again it's that magical time when many of us between the ages of 18 and 25 find ourselves getting really to go back to school.
Can I just say, FINALLY.
However, it's all fun and games until we realize we have to find an apartment, pack, and somehow move ourselves and our worldly possesions across the Atlantic Ocean?
Darn, it's not fun anymore is it? OK, that's a lie, of course we're all still excited, but smartly freaked out. First thing we need to do is find some luggage.
I'm of the opinion that luggage shouldn't be nice. It should be grotesque. I like to think that if my luggage is really hideous, no one will steal it. Bright colors are good, because then it's easier to find in baggage claim.
Problem is, you have to be seen with it.
The biggest problem, for me, is trying to edit down my wardrobe and figuring out what to bring, and what to buy when I get there. I solved a bit of this by deciding I'm just going to wear leggings A LOT. They don't take up room, and if I close my eyes and tap my shoes, I can pretend they're pants. I really want to buy my fall boots and jackets now, but those take up a lot of room, so that's something I have to buy once I settle in. My shoes are a big problem too, I'm scared of them flying (yeah, really), so I might end up shipping those. 
Make up I'm not going to skimp on (obvi). 
Space bags hopefully will go far with fitting things into my (ugly) luggage. I've used those before, and they're awesome. Problem is, the clothes still weigh the same no matter how they're packed. 
Are we all excited for the apartment hunts, the hellish (I'm SURE) flights, figuring out new cities, and the moving? Yes! Am I pretty intimidated? Of course.
Oh...I almost forgot...attending class is another important thing we have to remember. Not being hungover for those 8ams!

06 September 2009


My makeup has never failed to make me feel high maintenance. It's not like I wear a lot (I refuse foundation, seriously, that stuff is gross), but I have a LOT of make up.
I have been a loyal sephora shopper for years now. I have their loyalty card, and I was "upgraded" to the VIP card. That's pretty much the "you shop here too much" club. Every now and then, I'll consider editing my collection down, but I just can't do it. Mascara is my biggest problem.
I usually use this

But at my last sephora trip I decided to try a new mascara (which I kind of do, um, every month).

Wow. I think I like it better than Diorshow. It doesn't smuge! It thickens like a dream (dreams are very thick, you see)!
But I'm sure I'll change my tune in another month when I try something else.

I don't wear a lot of eyeliner, but when I do, I really want it to stay put.

I use it on my inner lower eyelid, and it stays on ALL day (and most of the night, heh). I really like the brown/bronze color they offer, it's a bit more subtle.
Mascara and eyeliner is my "basic" look. I prefer to keep my eyes as the focus. When I switch to a night look, I add eyeshadow and blush.

That? Smells AHMAYZING. Stays on, and the best part is, it doubles as a lip stain.
Makeup is one of my favorite things to play with. I feel gross even if I have a fabby outfit but my face (and hair) isn't finished. It tops off the look, and even if it's minimal just finishes everything.

05 September 2009

Confession: I have a problem.

A polyvore problem.
Too many clothes! All the shoes! Bags! Jewelry!
Some of the stuff I decided to make:

s by gege41 featuring Alexander McQueen

d by gege41 featuring Luella bags

x by gege41 featuring J Brand jeans

ggg by gege41 featuring lutz cardigans

I lurve playing with polyvore. I just wish I owned some of the outfits I put together.